Coronavirus effect on Indian weddings

Amidst the COVID-19 uproar, there has been tons of conjecture about wedding cancellations this is a major Coronavirus effect on Indian weddings. In a very latest survey conducted by Rajasthan Destination Weddings, we acknowledged 75% of our Indian couples who were planning a wedding in summer of 2020, chose to postpone their weddings to the later half the year, over cancellations. There are limited popular dates for weddings within the months of October, November and December and a sudden and drastic shift in demand for weddings in these months has been observed. How are the Indian wedding industry leaders prepping their business? How do they plan on navigating through the post-pandemic times to successfully plan an enormous no. of weddings? How are they planning to prioritise hygiene and safety at large gatherings?

Weddings will not be same after Covid-19 (Coronavirus effect on Indian weddings)

We believe that weddings will not be the same after Covid-19 at least for one and a half year from now. Coronavirus will change the Indian wedding from ” BIG FAT to SIMPLE SMALL”

The wedding industry is one among India’s largest industries. At around Rs 4 lakh crore in 2019, it’s bigger than many industries such as the telecom industry, which was around Rs 1 lakh crore within the same year.

Over one crore weddings are held annually driving vast apparel, flowers, jewellery, hospitality, transportation, and catering spend. Lakhs of labourers and workers make most of their income during the relatively short wedding season. Several major artistes generate handsome earnings by working at top weddings. However, all this is going to change from now. Instead of lavish decor and large scale wedding scenario. The main focus of the wedding will be on safety and simplicity.

To be wed couple, their parents, a few relatives, and some close friends will be attending the wedding. It might be possible to do a simple safe wedding with around 50 or so people as per the guidelines given by the Ministry of Home Affairs. At such a simple post-COVID-19 wedding, all guests could be tested and sanitised using various devices and tools or else wear masks and gloves. Social distancing has to be maintained at all times, and food will be served carefully to prevent any crowd at the tables. All the usual post-wedding gifts can be still given — either at the wedding with proper safety or via courier services.

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